Our Chiropractor in Irvine Welcomes You to Lee Chiropractic

Chiropractor Dr. John Lee has been providing life-changing chiropractic care for his patients in Irvine since 2002, and our entire team will make you feel right at home and work to help you achieve your personal health goals, whether they include:

  • Recovering from a car accident injury, sports injury, or personal injury
  • Receiving non-invasive, drug-free treatment for pain relief
  • Preventing health problems with proactive spinal care
  • Keeping yourself in optimum wellness naturally

Dr. Lee dedicated his life to becoming a chiropractor after he experienced pain relief and healing through chiropractic care himself. So he understands what it feels like to be the patient, and works to develop a personalized treatment plan to help you feel great—not by covering up the symptoms with painkillers, but by directly addressing the underlying causes of your condition.

Chiropractic Care Provides Effective, Natural Pain Relief and Wellness

Many people think that chiropractic care is only for back and neck pain; and while it successfully provides lasting relief for these problems, our chiropractor in Irvine can do so much more for your overall health. This is because the underlying cause of many health concerns lies in subtle (and not-so-subtle) spinal misalignments (subluxations) that pinch nerves leaving your spinal cord between the vertebrae. Depending on which nerves are involved, a subluxation can aggravate everything from arm and shoulder pain to sciatica, headaches and allergies. By gently and precisely correcting your spinal alignment, Dr. Lee releases pinched nerves so that your body can heal and regulate itself for pain relief—and also prevent health problems before they start!

These are just some of the conditions for which we can help you find long-term relief:

…and many others! If you have questions, contact us anytime at 949-552-2100

Our Chiropractor Provides Multifaceted Treatment

In addition to highly-skilled spinal health care, Lee Chiropractic provides complementary treatment modalities that support great posture and natural healing:

  • Massage therapy—our skilled massage therapist works directly with our chiropractor to recondition stiff, weakened muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia to relieve injuries and pain naturally. Massage is a great complement to chiropractic care because adhesions (tough, painful knots of scar tissue) and soft tissue injuries can cause imbalances in movement and spinal alignment. By concurrently relieving spinal misalignments with chiropractic and soft tissue concerns through massage, we can accelerate healing.
  • Therapeutic Exercise—To further bring your body into balance, healing and wellness, our chiropractor teaches patients how to do specific therapeutic stretches and exercises to retrain and strengthen muscles after an injury. This boosts our patients’ range of motion, strength, wellness and confidence!

Please check out our patient reviews on Google+, Yelp, and Facebook. Due to our patient satisfaction, Lee Chiropractic has been featured on ABC 7 News. You can see these videos on our YouTube page. If you live in Irvine and you want to overcome an injury, or just want to be healthier than you are today, please schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Lee today. We look forward to working with you and helping you reach your optimum health!